Eilene's Pumpkin Soup »

The perfect soup for a crisp fall evening. Celebrate harvest season with this rich and creamy pumpkin soup. by Eilene King

Mussel Risotto with Lemon »

A perfect dish for a summer night. Paired with a light and fresh salad and a white wine, it can be a complete meal. With light coloured enamel outside and durable cast iron inside, the cocotte by Staub is the perfect dish for both cooking and serving. Many more risotto recipes can be found in the Pop Risotto cookbook by Staub.

Zoku Carrot Cake Popsicle »

Your kids will love the freedom and endless possibilities of creating any popsicle they can imagine with the Zoku popsicle maker! The gourmet carrot cake popsicle incorporates many fruit juices and unusual flavours for a fresh summer treat. Cream cheese icing makes it a perfect cake substitute on a hot summer night. This recipe and many more can be found in the Zoku Quick Pops recipe book available at Hillaby's Tools for Cooks.

Oh, Fudge! Popsicle »

Follow the recipes...or don't! The Zoku Popsicle maker allows kids and their parents to let their creativity flow while making delicious popsicles that are almost too perfect to eat! This recipe is a simple yet unforgettable classic that kids will look forward to all winter long. Oh, Fudge that's good!

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