Zoodles! »

This vegetarian recipe was prepared by Desiree Nielsen at the Dig In festival here at the Enjoy Centre. A healthy and delicious way to put your spiralizer to good use.

Troy's Vin Chaud »

I recently got home from Switzerland where Vin Chaud is available from wooden stands on most street corners. Served in paper cups, it is the perfect way to warm yourself from the inside out while browsing Christmas markets and winter villages. For a unique twist, try using dry white wine instead of red.

Cherries & Cream Popsicles »

Get near-instant gratification on a hot summer day with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. These creamy and delicious cherry popsicles are sure to be a winner with a drizzle of chocolate. Endless creations are possible with Zoku. Start discovering your own!

Pavlova »

I just returned from New Zealand, the birthplace of the dessert pavlova. I used to make Pavlova all the time and after having it again (it's in all their restaurants) I wondered why I ever stopped. This delicous and beautiful dessert is actually very easy and, as we are heading back into tree fruit and berry season, now is an excellent time to rekindle your love for pavlova! Here is my recipe; hope you enjoy it. As the Kiwis say, "Cheers Mate!"

Spicy/Sweet Nuts and Dried Fruit »

This mix is perfect as a snack. A little bit sweet with a touch of spice... highly addictive.

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